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Automatic Encrusting Machine( High Speed Type)(HM168)

The HM-168 is a new debut patent article by Hundred Machinery who is specialized in Food Encrusting machine. HM-168 is designed to encase a filling inside outer casing to produce product into balls, barsand cylindrical molding automatically. It’s specialized in manufacturingBakery, Confectionery, Sweet/Cookies, Frozen food products by highoutput 100pcs/min(under 45g) with a variety of food materials fromsoft to sticky and can be fitted with shaping optional attachments for secondary molding.

HM-769 Multi-purpose Dumpling / Samosa Forming Machine

Output speed of dough,filling and forming mould is controlled by independent motor and inverter,operator could adjust the ratio of outer casing and inner filling easily. Equipped with water cooling system,dough would not be damaged because of heat up. Made by Stainless steel,easy cleaning and maintenance. Free selection of forming mould size,pattern and shape by replacing attachments. Combined with EU-70 Encrusting unit,it could produce small juicy meat bun and mince meat pie.

Automatic Encrusting Machine (High Speed Type)

HM-168 has been designed to specialize in the manufacture of Bakery,Confectionery,Savory food,Frozen Food,Prepared Food and Snack Food products,and will work with a variety of food materials from soft to sticky and can be fitted with attachments for secondary molding.

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